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Play It Again

If you had one of these as a kid, then you were able to rock with mobility.

Play It Again

Image source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiocasetera

If you didn’t have one as a kid, then you may not fully understand what this large piece of equipment is, or the profound effect it had on outdoor gatherings, parties or replaying that favorite cassette over and over.

That’s a rewind. Here’s a fast forward.

After the nostalgia wears off, there is not much place for the large bulky blaster and old radios that some of us used to love. Outdated technology, now playing mostly only memories.

That is, until Carl Godfrey of Newman Radios takes over.

Taking the old school and giving it a modern day update, he turns the vintage radios into docking stations and speakers. He switches out the old headphone socket, turning it into an auxiliary input. This allows smartphones, iPods, and laptops to plug in and turn on with the provided cable.

Play It Again

They are updated to include bluetooth technology, and can connect a device in order to boom music through the loudspeakers. True to its original form, the controls all work so the volume and speakers can be adjusted.

Play It Again Play It Again

All images are the property of Newman Radios, via designboom.

Bringing back the past with several exhibits honoring the beloved musical equipment piece is artist and sound expert, Benoît Maubrey. His electroacoustic sculptures are more than just for looking at, as they are designed to be interactive.

Play It Again

Onlookers can hit record and personalize a message or add their own music. Some exhibitions also allow people to dial a local number and talk live through the network of radio systems. The sound sculptures are also enabled with bluetooth technology, so people can contribute vocals and play musical instruments, allowing their jam session to become a living part of the installation.

Play It Again

Play It Again

Images are via Benoît Maubrey.

Recycled art with updated functions provides a way for favorite old items to be used again.

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