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Recycling Old Cell Phones

With insane revolution in both software and hardware, each and every day a new feature and a new model is pushed into the market.  In the early days people use to change bikes or their car when new models arrive but the latest trend is to stand outside the store even 12 hours before the product comes to the store. This is definitely something to be appreciated, but on the other hand when we buy a new high end phone we generally put the old phone to rest somewhere in a drawer along with messy accessories like its chargers or headphones.

To begin with, never ever throw your mobile away.  It is mostly made of plastic and electronic components which contain dangerous metals like lead which release toxins and pollute the environment by all means so instead of throwing find a way to use it again or sell it.

Donating – One option is to donate it, yes even mobile phones can be donated like money. Many orphanages or old age homes don’t have enough communication devices and they would be overwhelmed to receive your device. However, there is one important thing you need to do before you donate your phone – backup your contacts and your photos and delete them from the device.  Then wipe the data completely which can be done easily on any mobile by simply forcing it to go to “factory settings”.

Recycling  – This is safest way to dispose your mobile. Many stores across the globe accept old mobile phones for recycling and some stores even provide you coupons or gifts to redeem if you recycle your phone.

Resell – Certain mobiles and components are valuable even after a long time; you can sell your mobile phone, battery and charger separately or combined in websites like eBay. People buy these because either these accessories are not available from the manufacturers or they are priced too high.

Use them for education purposes  If you’re an electronic geek or know someone who is, you can give your device to electronic education programs. In most of the cases they may require only particular parts, e.g. the processor or other intricate components.

So next time you upgrade your mobile phone have a think about what you should do with your old one.

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