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Biomimetics Inspire Design

Biomimetics (n.) [bahy-oh-mi-met-iks] – The study and development of synthetic systems that mimic the formation, function, or structure of biologically produced substances and materials and biological mechanisms and processes.

That word is probably not in your vocabulary, but it will be soon.

Biomimetics is more than just a study/development of synthetics. It is literally catalyzing and designing the future in more ways than one.

According to Tim McGee, Senior Biologist at the Biomimicry Group, this study represents a way to shape tomorrow.

“Biomimetic materials have the potential to rewrite our story of stuff. For most of the materials we use today, we’re mining either ore or oil, we transport them, we heat them, we machine them and they usually have products baked into them that are slightly toxic or not benign. That’s completely different than the way natural systems use materials.”

He likens the natural process of creating habitats and ecosystems as a perfect model to be studied, copied, and put into practice.

When nature uses up materials, it doesn’t ravage them to the point of devastation. Rather, it’s a process of recycling and reusability that ensures the habitat’s sustainability. McGee would like for our cities and countries to function the same. After all, the pieces are readily available to adopt such practices. What it boils down to is a desire to make a difference.

McGee envisions modifying 3-D printing technology to be more eco-conscious in how it creates products.

There are also plans for designing entire cities based on a biomimetic model, as well as economies, healthcare, energy, and more. It’s the stuff futurists have only dreamt of in years past, and now it’s becoming a popular movement.

It’s a fact, biomimicry is definitely something to keep an eye out for.


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