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Post Sandy Bike Generator

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, also known as MoRUS, has put an OWS bike generator to work which is now getting battery-depleted phone-owners back online. Morus along with C-Squat were able to save the OWS Bike generator from the flooded basement due to Hurricane Sandy.

MoRUS has the bike generators placed at Avenue C between 9th and 10th Streets. These bike generators have helped to let people charge their phones and enable contact with their families. Some of these individuals have been without power for days. Meanwhile the residents of C-Squat have set up two grills and are receiving food donations to essentially feed the neighborhood.

Occupiers used tested tools of the social media to coordinate the effort and help smaller communities, where government relief organizations may not have arrived promptly. Volunteers were distributing donated clothing, food and other needed stuff in neighborhoods like Red Hook, Sunset Park, Coney Island and the Rockaways.

The energy bike was one of several exhibition pieces saved from the rising waters during the storm. A project of Time’s Up!, the bike-run generator was originally used by Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and is now powering a small cell phone charging station for those still without power after the storm.

MoRUS and Times Up! will continue running the bikes and providing free cell phone charging tomorrow. C-Squat plans to continue providing free food and hopefully will continue doing so until electricity is restored.

MoRUS is opening in 2012 in C-Squat’s formerly unused storefront space with the goal of offering tours through the neighborhood squats and community gardens. They were set to open on November 17th but the basement flooded from Hurricane Sandy with overflow of the East River. Most of the water has been removed and they helped with removal of water from the bar next door and the deli on the corner.

If you would like to donate you may do so by visiting the site link below.




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