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Rechargeable LED Lantern Controlled Via Smartphone

Rechargeable LED Lantern Controlled by Your Smartphone

Image source: twisthink.com

LED light bulbs are the next wave of the future of lighting, due to their energy-efficiency and range of hues, and if you own one of these new LED light fixtures, you won’t even have to get up off out of the recliner to dim it or turn it on or off.

For a smarter way to illuminate your home, a new type of LED lantern offers a variety of lighting settings, controlled via your smartphone.

The Vela, from Twisthink, is a Bluetooth-controlled LED lantern that is rechargeable via a plugged-in dock, and that features a range of settings to set the right mood for whatever activities you’ve got planned.

Vela is controlled via a smartphone app, which can let you choose the exact level of brightness (or dimness, as the case may be), turn it on or off, change the hue of the light, set up timers for switching it on, or even make it flicker like a candle. The Vela is said to provide 16 hours of light on a single charge.

The Twisthink Vela is not yet on the market, and there isn’t a price set for it, but if you’re interested in adding this app-controlled LED lantern to your home lighting, you can sign up to be notified when it’s available for preordering.

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