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Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It?

When it comes to batteries, one can never tell how much juice is left in the tank before it dies, which usually occurs at crucial moments.

Our usual solution is to take a trip to Walmart and pick up a pack of rechargeable batteries. However, without careful research you might not realize that some of these supposed “energy-saving” batteries are barely a step up from the traditional kind.

Whatever type of battery you need, there is most likely a rechargeable alternative, which saves you money and headaches, not to mention lightens the burden on our nation’s landfills.

Some of them are also twice as efficient as traditional batteries, though spending more money doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality.

In the AA battery category, the 2012 best battery is the Sanyo XX Battery Powered by Eneloop, as chosen by Metaefficient. They’ve been proven to hold their charge for 12 months, and have a high-capacity 2500 mAh which performs better than competing AA batteries.

Overall, the best type of rechargeable batteries are the “low-discharge” variety Nickel-Metal Hydride cells. They’re suitable for remotes, flashlights, and digital cameras. Recommended brands include Sanyo, Duracell, Energizer, and Sony.

Rechargeable batteries usually come with their own charger, but these are usually inadequate and won’t provide you with the most out of your energy-saving battery. A few alternatives is the LaCrosse Technology BC-1000 Alpha Battery Charger. It has comprehensive monitoring abilities, and displays the charging on an easy-to-read display.

Others of honorable mention include the PowerEx MH-C9000 WizardOne, the Ansmann Deluxe 16, and the Maha PowerEx “Ultimate Professional” charger.

These are all great options in any situation, and are highly recommended in replacement of traditional batteries.

Rechargeable cells are longer lasting, more efficient, cost-effective, and affordable. Make sure you also choose an equally qualified charging dock to go with them.

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