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ReadySet Solar Kit Funds Power for All

ReadySet Solar Kit Funds Power for All

Image source: fenixintl.com

The Fenix ReadySet solar kit is not only a great choice for off-grid power in the developing world, but because of our digital lifestyle, can be the perfect addition for meeting our emergency and outdoor power needs.

The ReadySet charges with a solar panel (or other input, including house current), and then stores and provides enough energy to power lighting, charge cellphones, or even run an iPad for over 12 hours. Originally designed for the demanding environment of Africa, the robust 54 watt-hour system is built to stand up to being used every day, and can serve as a renewable energy hub anywhere you go.

The kit includes the battery, a 15 Watt weather- and waterproof PV panel, power adapters for charging the battery itself from the grid as well as from a 12 V car socket, and USB charging outlets for charging phones or other mobile devices. It also includes a 3 W LED light for illuminating your surroundings, and the whole system weighs in at 16 pounds.

ReadySet Solar Kit Funds Power for All

Image source: fenixintl.com


“The ReadySet is a renewable energy system that charges from solar panels and can power lights, radios, cell phones, tablets, and even Wi-Fi hot spots. The ReadySet’s intelligent battery can charge up to 10 iPhones, power an iPad for over 12 hours of continuous video-play and can recharge from the included solar panel in just a few hours. Originally designed for African entrepreneurs, the ReadySet is rugged, easy to use and is now available in North America. The ReadySet is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, eco-friendly consumers and those concerned with emergency preparedness.”

And right now, if you live in North America and purchase a Fenix ReadySet Solar Kit ($275), the company is matching that by financing a loan for a person in Africa to purchase a ReadySet, which could be the only power they have regular access to. Find out more about the Buy 1, Fund 1 Power for All program at Fenix.

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