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Reading with Solar Power: Solar Kindle Cover

Reading by the Power of the Sun: Solar Kindle CoverOwning an e-reader, such as the Kindle, can make your reading experience greener by eliminating the use of paper and ink to deliver words to your hands, as well as eliminating the need for shipping a physical object to your door in order to read the latest bestseller. And if you pick up one of these solar-powered covers for it, you can also power the Kindle itself with the sun’s energy.

The Solar Lighted Kindle Cover, from SolarFocus, integrates a small solar panel in the cover, which can not only power the Kindle itself, but also energizes the built-in reading light.

“The first solar book cover for the Amazon Kindle e-reader takes an environmentally friendly approach to enhancing form and utility. The Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle is designed to look smart and feel great in your hands without being bulky or heavy.

The form-fitted cover keeps your Kindle safe from damage while discretely adding functionality with a built-in solar panel that charges the reserve battery for the LED reading light while also providing extra power to the Kindle. And best of all, the reading light draws power from the reserve battery, not the Kindle, so you won’t have to worry about draining your Kindle’s battery.” – SolarFocus

The Solar Kindle Cover is available in several versions, for both the Kindle 4 and the Kindle Touch. An 800 lux LED reading lamp automatically lights up when it’s released from the cover, and then automatically powers off when replaced, or when the device goes into “sleep” mode. The solar panel charges a 1500 mAh lithium-polymer reserve battery, which provides power to the LED lamp and can also be used to extend the reading time on the Kindle itself.

The Solar Cover for Kindle Touch costs about $82 USD, and is designed to fit well, and to be slim and lightweight. The Solar Cover for the Kindle 4 costs about $80 USD, and offers the same features, but is designed specifically for the Kindle 4.

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