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Google’s Ray Kurzweil Predicts The Future

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s new technology guru, has been a “prophet”, if you will, of tech trends for the past 30 years.

He correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the importance of the internet in everyday use, the day when computers would outsmart humans, and much more.

Last year, Google appointed him to be their Director of Engineering, and basically gave him free reign to create whatever magical devices his super brain thought up.

Recently, he shared some of his future predictions with the world, along with a tentative timeline of when he thought we’d see them start happening. Several of them are no-brainers, such as Google’s driverless cars becoming mainstream, virtual reality become a regular facet of everyday life, and more.

Here are some of the predictions we found most intriguing from an ecological standpoint:

2020 Is The Year 3-D Printing Will Reach Its Potential

Kurzweill is enthralled with the burgeoning 3-D printing business, but he doesn’t believe it’s being used properly. He likens it to the dot com bubble of the early 2000’s, in that the industry requires another 5 – 7 years before we see its true potential arrive.

2020 Is Also The Year We’ll Turn Off Our Fat Cells

With the rise of genome coding, Kurzweill predicts that come 2020, we’ll be able to go in and literally turn off our fat cells. In an experiment with diabetic animals where their fat insulator gene was turned off, they ate normally, didn’t get diabetes, and were able to live 20% longer.

Vertical Farming Will Rise In Popularity By 2030

It’s no secret that we’re running out of farmable land globally. You may say “Well, China has tons of uninhabited land! Why don’t we use that?”

Indeed, they do, but much of it is unlivable due to desertification. As we fill up remaining land with city development, we’ll start turning to vertical farming for meats and vegetables.

Essentially, this would require the creation of giant skyscrapers, where each level is occupied by some form of farming–agriculture, poultry, beef, etc. Kurzweill believes that 2030 is the year this will become a mainstay of everyday life.

100% Of Our Energy Will Come From Solar Power By 2033

This prediction isn’t so difficult to see come to fruition. With most of the world experimenting with solar power, we’d be surprised if it takes as long as 2033 before this actually happens.


Image source: www.tumblr.com


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