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Quick Tips To Green Up Your Car

Seeing cars spew pollution from their tailpipes is a sad sight. It’s even worse if you know that awful polluted smell is coming from your vehicle. Take a look at these simple, quick solutions to make your car more eco-friendly on the road.

Get A Tune-Up

Making sure you’re keeping constant maintenance of your engine goes a long way towards reducing the levels of pollution your car puts out. It can also increase your mileage, and keep your car running longer and healthier.

Remove Your Roof Rack

If you’re not using it, then why keep it on there? Roof racks add unnecessary drag to your vehicle, and can easily be unscrewed and taken down. This will also increase your fuel economy.

Take Out Unnecessary Storage

If you’re using your car as a locker (or a second home), you’re not doing yourself any favors. Without knowing it, we sometimes keep over 100 pounds of junk in our cars, and that adds more weight and forces our engines to work harder. Removing this can increase your mileage by up to 5%.

Check Your Tires

If you’ve got low tire pressure, your car has to work harder to make up for the increase in resistance. Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Also, consider purchasing “low-rolling resistance” tires.

Use Synthetic Motor Oil

This will help your engine last longer, and increase fuel economy. Sometimes it’s the little things that end up having the most effect.

Use Eco-Friendly Car Products

When washing your car, cleaning the interior, adding a layer of wax, etc, look for products that use bio-based natural plants, biodegradable car wipes (if you’re not planning on using a towel to wash/dry). Use natural fresheners, and recycle whatever trash you can (straws, pop cans, bottle caps, paper, etc.)

Follow these steps, and you’ll turn your vehicle into a lean, mean, green machine in no time.

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