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Redifining the E-Bike

PG Bikes, the German-based company, have redefined the electric bike. In their words:

They should be faster, more exlcusive, better.

While we wait for the 2013 models to be released, the two latest designs by PG Bikes, the BlackBlock 2 and BlackTrail 2, defiantly class themselves as the most exclusive and most expensive e-Bikes around.

The BlackBlock 2, known as The Cruiser for its modern classic take on a traditional bicycle, combines lifestyle and riding with mobility and reliability. Now available as an all-wheel-drive model with 2 specially designed motors, it can be controlled by a Smartphone app. The new model, being introduced this year, has the added function of converting excess drive energy (when going downhill) into more power once the brakes are in operation.

The BlackBlock 2 is a casual and urban look that’s comfortable in the city or in greener pastures. One of the perks of this particular e-bike is that you can customize its look, allowing you to choose the color scheme to personalize all aspects of the experience. There are 7 components that can be colored and you have a choice between 13 colors – all of which can be done online.

Blackblock 2 e-bike

Image source: www.pg-bikes.com

BlackBlock 2 - ebike

Image source: www.pg-bikes.com

BlackBlock 2 e-bike

Image source: www.pg-bikes.com

The BlackTrail 2 e-bike is like no other. It’s a masterpiece in design, form and function. Its top speed of over 100km per hour can be reached in less than 5 seconds and, at just 46kg, its power is similar to that of a sports car. No Sunday driving wih this baby!

As with the BlackBlock 2, the entire driving system of the BlackTrail 2 is digitally connected to your Smartphone and the internet. The leap in innovation, excellence in every detail and the overall quality in its composition make this e-bike the most exclusive and expensive in its class – and that’s the way PG Bikes want it.

blacktrailtwo e-bike

Image source: www.pg-bikes.com

BlackTrail 2  ebike

Image source: www.pg-bikes.com


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