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Put a Solar Charger on Your Keyring

Put a Solar Charger on Your Keyring

For the ultimate in portable solar charging, the ClicLite is small enough to fit on your keychain, offers a boost to your mobile phone battery and features an ultra-bright LED bulb to shine a light on the task at hand.

The system is made up of two components, a small solar cell (a “Clicc”) and the ClicLite module itself, which has an internal battery and charging components, plus the LED light.

(Video is in German, but is a good introduction to the Clicc)

The ClicLite is small (4×4 cm), and the attached solar cell takes up to 10 hours to charge the 500-mAh lithium-polymer battery, so it’s not a powerhouse all by itself. But part of the beauty of this system is that it’s modular, and a series of Clicc solar cells can be easily snapped together to double or triple (or more!) the output of the device, making it much quicker to get a full charge on the battery. With six Cliccs strung together, the battery can be charged in as little as one hour.

Put a Solar Charger on Your Keyring

Image source: en.clicc.de

The ClicLite can also be used as a backup charger even when the sun isn’t shining, because the battery can be charged via a USB connection in two hours, before you leave the house.

Right now, this little solar charger is only available in Germany, and a single ClicLite with one solar module sells for about €36, with each extra solar module selling for about €7. According to Gizmag, they will also soon be available in the rest of Europe, and then be for sale in the next year or two to the rest of the world.

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