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Solar Power In 2013

2012 was a good year for solar powered gadgets, solar panels, and other sustainable energy methods.

The all-electric Tesla Model S car debuted, several major corporations adopted solar energy for their buildings, and green tech saw a giant leap in popularity.

According to CEO Lynn Jurich of Sunrun, a solar power installation company, 2013 will have twice as big an impact on eco-tech than this past year displayed.

Approximately 92% of Americans agree that developing and using solar power is necessary for alternative energy growth, and have voiced their opinions through blogs, television, and letters to congressmen.

Companies in the solar market who are looking to expand will begin to realize that building a relationship with their customers is integral to their success as a company. Better marketing, better customer service, and better quality all go hand-in-hand. 2013 is the year when solar power becomes more than a trend.

Policy plays a large part in getting more people to accept green reform. Washington, of all places, has a chance now to affect change for the better. In this case, offering increased tax credits for those who convert their homes into eco-friendly residences. This in turn will encourage the public to hop on board the green train, and will give solar companies the much needed economic boost to offer more quality products and cheaper costs.

Right now, purchasing solar power and other green gadgets isn’t a top priority for the middle class. Especially when you consider the often exorbitant pricing of solar power, it is a luxury rather than a necessity. However, that is all changing. The number of solar powered homes in California’s middle class areas has increased by 445% since 2007. Next year it will continue rising in popularity and demand.

It’s time for America to realize that our traditional methods of energy usage desperately require an overhaul. Solar power, wind power, geo-heating could be the answer to our problems. 2013 is the year we awake from the illusion that life will go on regardless of our lifestyle habits.

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