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Practically Green Launches New Enterprise Platform for Sustainability and CSR

Practically Green Launches New Enterprise Platform for Sustainability and CSR

Image source: practicallygreen.com

A new enterprise platform, designed to help motivate companies and their employees to implement sustainable choices both at work and at home, was launched by Practically Green, which could help to further the sustainability and CSR efforts at large, global, businesses.

“This platform is groundbreaking in how we use customized programs, game mechanics and internal social networks to engage employees, build awareness and drive measurable action locally and globally. It also enhances the tools available to clients who have large, global and increasingly mobile-enabled workforces and diverse sustainability and responsibility initiatives.” – Susan Hunt Stevens, Practically Green’s Founder & CEO

Practically Green’s new platform uses the power of social networking and game mechanics to engage employees and drive measurable action in sustainability both locally and globally.

The cloud-based platform includes features such as themed projects that employees can join (along with their co-workers) to reach a collective sustainability goal, examples of repeatable habits to adopt and one-time actions to take, social features such as commenting and liking and sharing, and an analytics suite that allows companies to monitor and measure participation and engagement, as well as tracking the environmental impact and financial savings from its efforts.

“We have learned that every successful company has their own definition of sustainability. At Practically Green, we help them create and run tangible, effective, and fun employee engagement programs, tied to their sustainability strategies, which deliver measurable environmental, social and financial impact.” – Stevens

The new platform is also available on mobile devices, and can integrate with intranets, email systems and enterprise directory systems. Find out more at Practically Green.

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