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The Many Uses of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy has been used as a power source for thousands of years.

Using the earth’s internal heat as energy provides an efficient and reliable source.

In cold months, air in the ground is warmer than the air outside so it can be pumped into areas that need heated up. In warmer months, indoor air can be forced back into the earth’s interior to cool down spaces.

It is a low impact form of energy because it does not cause as much disruption to the environment as other means of non-renewable energy, like those that require excessive drilling.

It may be an upfront investment for large scale uses, like heating and cooling commercial indoor facilities and certain geothermal hotspots are more ideal than others. Though it may cost a substantial amount to get it up and going for industrial use, it pays for itself in reduced energy costs over the long run.

An affordable and sustainable option, it is a practical one as well since it can be used for many processes. For example, geothermal energy is employed in aquaculture in order to manage the fish and other animals that need warmer water climates to survive. This type of power can also extend the production of fish so that it can be made available year round.

Greenhouses are a perfect system for netting geothermal power, and they can be constructed in any size to suit growing needs and out of various materials to fit budgets. Also, covered gardening boxes and geothermal gardens are great examples of how to capture and apply the earth’s inner heat. Planting underground keeps root systems warm, and along with the covering amplifies the geothermal effect. This protects plants and also extends the growing season, and with the right conditions some types of produce and plants can be grown all year long.

In addition to food production, this underground energy source can be applied to other everyday things. It can heat water for daily household use with a geothermal heat pump.

Other useful areas in which geothermal has been used is by routing pipes which run underneath roads and walkways and running the energy through them to help keep them warm so that ice or snow does not accumulate.

If you have ever seen a natural geyser it is visually fascinating, and equally so is how nature provides it.

Natural energy is accessible and smarter energy consumption calls for putting it to use.

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