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Power Your Home by Pedalling Your Bike

With as little as three essential objects, in addition to yourself,  you can put your strength to good use powering your home and its various contents with your own bike generator.

These crucial ingredients include a bike, a motor (a stepper motor, permanent magnet motor, or automobile alternator), and a battery pack.

When constructing your own bicycle generator, it is better to use a real bicycle, preferably a road bike, rather than an exercise or stationary bike. Though you will need a stand or bike trainer to keep the bike in a stationary position. Bikes with gears allow people of varying fitness levels to ride at their optimal speed. However, having a set speed, with no gears, ensures a consistent energy output.

Although methods vary depending on your choice of motor, you will need to run a belt from your rear wheel over the motor or alternator. When using an alternator, it should also be connected to a battery pack, which can consist of common 12-volt batteries. Every time you peddle, the alternator rotates and sends energy to the batteries.

Though I do not wish to propound child labor, willing participants under 12 can generate an average of 20 or more watts of energy per hour – with higher levels up to 50-100 watts. Of course, if you put yourself to work you could generate 100 to 150 watts of energy per hour, as is possible with the average adult. Athletes, on the other hand, may generate well up to 250-500 watts of energy per hour.

There have been debates on letting children earn television and computer time by powering the devices as they peddle. This, too, can be done but only in small doses.


Image source: www.pedalpowergenerator.com

Running an entire house with a bike generator is possible, but unlikely unless you have the participation of multiple occupants, perhaps in shifts. Still, a bike generator can greatly reduce your reliance on conventional energy if you chose. Whether you power multiple appliances with it or use it to charge your phone, it is always convenient in an emergency situation, should the power go out.

Last year may have brought about a urine generator, but producing energy with bicycles remains a time-tested classic. And classics rarely go out of style.

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