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Hungry Electronics

Modern electronic gadgets have jaw-dropping functions making human life simpler in several ways.

Their smartness can be seen in many ways such as speed, functionality, multitasking capabilities etc. but one main thing modern electronics manage well is power usage. Modern devices are not only highly functional but they are extremely power conscious.

It has become mandatory for devices like tablets and notebooks to manage power cleverly, just like an electric car that goes to an idle state and consumes less power. Older gadgets lack this power-management capability as they only have two states – either On or Off.

“Off is a very 20th century idea,” said Bruce Nordman, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who works in electronics and efficiency. He believes that there exists a third and very important energy efficient state in any electronic gadget called “sleep state” and he is very interested in adding this sleep mode to electronic devices.

Scaling the power

When you turn off your TV using a remote control, the power consumption is not cut-off from the device and so whether the TV is in use or not it is draining power from your power line.

This is where we curse the old electronics designers who designed these hungry little devices to be ‘sleepless’. Gadgets like TV’s and VCR’s may be simple but they can occupy up to 15 percent of your power bill. Now with more and more devices being added to your home the higher the power wastage and the more expensive your power bill.

Thankfully modern electronic devices are much more energy efficient – rather, I will say, they have been forced to be as energy efficient as possible to meet customer needs.

With heavy competition in the electronics market, companies need to be energy conscious in the sense that your computer must not draw several hundred watts to send a single email. Already many gadgets and display devices have a sleep mode and a power saving option but there will be more power saving in the future when all commercial gadgets use power scaling and smartness to consume less power for fewer loads.

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