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Portable Solar Tracker Boosts Efficiency 30%

Portable Solar Tracker Boosts Efficiency 30%

Image source: konzasolar.com

To get the most electricity possible from a solar panel array, the cells need to be facing directly at the sun at all times during the day. However, many photovoltaic arrays are installed at a fixed orientation and at a fixed angle, which allows them to produce an acceptable amount of energy during large parts of most days of the year. But for the other times of the day, such as mornings and evenings, and at different times of the year, those PV panels aren’t generating very much electricity.

With a large enough array, and a big enough battery storage system, this isn’t a problem, as they are designed with the inefficiency in mind. But for smaller arrays and those with much higher power demands on them, adding an effective solar tracking mechanism can help boost their average daily output by 30 to 50%. Many solar trackers are as simple as a single-axis movement that turns the array in a semicircle during the day, so its orientation follows the sun. But those types don’t account for the changing angle of the sun throughout the year, and so to get the most out of a solar tracker, a dual-axis mechanism is required, which isn’t nearly as simple to build or install.

An innovative new tracking system aims to make it as easy as possible to boost solar energy yields from PV arrays, with an automated precision sun tracking feature that optimizes the array’s daily output. According to the inventor of the Konza Portable Solar Tracker, solar arrays using their device can convert 30% more energy than with standard roof mounted panels, and the average yearly energy conversion could be boosted by at least that amount.

Unlike conventional tracking devices, the Konza is set up for a totally hands-off automated, precision tracking. That means less work for you, and more energy for you to use. Here’s how:

  • It automatically finds the brightest point in the sky. The control system needs no programming during installation. And, no programming is needed anytime after installation. No limit switches to get misaligned.
  • Unlike passive solar trackers, or even active trackers with a limited range of motion, the Konza tracks 360 degrees around the horizon anywhere on the planet.
  • It moves in a rolling motion, tracking is more precise and there is no twisting of wires.
  • It naturally returns to its stowed position at dusk.

And it gets even better, because the Konza is also designed to be portable and weatherproof, allowing users to bring their power supply off-grid with ease. The unit itself is mounted on a central pole, which can be attached to a trailer, utility vehicle, boat, or other conveyance for maximum portability. They can also be used in a permanent type installation at a home or business, and used to boost a grid-tied array.

The Konza recently got a funding boost from the Popular Science RocketHub challenge, and interested parties are encouraged to contact the company about prices and options.

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