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Portable Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are generally static. Once they are assembled and in place they have to work in the varying conditions of that environment – high winds and often extreme temperatures.

However, Uprise Energy, a California based startup has developed a wind turbine that is portable. The concept is cool and far easier to maintain as it works without the requirement of any ground digging and is easily transportable.

The installation of a static wind turbine is a difficult process as each huge part arrives at the location separately and is assembled using large machines. They require a smooth and flat surface for installation and if they ever have to be relocated they have to be completely demolished or dug out to remove the bolts.

The portable wind turbine, as the name implies, is completely portable. It can be folded and kept in a container in the back of a tow truck. With ‘on-the-go’ technology the truck can be moved to any location and the turbine can be instantly erected from the container.

In terms of output the portable wind turbine can generate up to 50,000 watts of power and the manufacturer claims that the power produced by this turbine is cheaper compared to the power provided by utility companies. The portable wind turbine can work with low or gusty winds and the turbine can be rotated 360 degrees to deliver maximum power.

In high-wind conditions the portable turbine is laid down as furious winds will damage the blades. In traditional turbines brakes are applied to prevent the blade damage.

The labour cost is reduced with this new portable turbine as all the operations can be maintained on the ground level itself. The turbine has a storage system which stores excess power when the demand is less and production is more.

Uprise Energy’s website states that these portable turbines can power 15 U.S. homes with 13mph wind.

Another advantage is that this kind of innovative “portable” technology can be used in remote regions which are not connected to the power grid or regions which have a smaller population.

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