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Portable Motor Turns Share Bikes into Electric Bikes

Portable Motor Turns Share Bikes into Electric Bikes

Image source: ShareRoller

For those who regularly ride bikes from bike sharing programs, an upcoming product promises to help you get around quicker and with less effort, by turning a share bike into an electric bike.

Many of the major bike sharing programs use the exact same bikes, which tend to be heavy and require a good amount of effort to pedal, especially when riding up hills or inclines. If you’re riding one of those bikes to work, you might arrive quite sweaty and out of breath, unless you have a little extra leverage, such as a portable electric motor that can convert a standard bike into an electric bike.

That’s the idea behind ShareRoller, which is soon to launch on Kickstarter. The device, which includes a 750 Watt electric motor, along with a powerful battery pack (240 Wh), in the form of a small briefcase weighing just under 7 pounds. Users can easily carry the ShareRoller with them, and then mount it to the front of a share bike in just seconds. A friction drive rests on the front wheel, and the throttle mechanism is then mounted to the handlebars.


Image source: ShareRoller

“Once installed, ShareRoller’s 750 Watts of power will propel you effortlessly at up to 18mph without pedaling (and faster if you pedal!) for 12 to 20 miles of range, depending on battery size.

This is no puny 250 Watt ‘assist’ like many others on the market; ShareRoller packs a full 1.0 horsepower – as much power as a Tour de France cyclist in a sprint!

With ShareRoller you can glide up hills, power through headwinds, and sail through a breeze on a hot day without breaking a sweat, and without pedaling if you so choose.”

The ShareRoller also includes built-in LED headlights and a USB charging port for mobile devices, and because it’s about the size of a ream of paper, it can easily fit into a bag or backpack when it’s not being used. This portable electric motor system has a top speed of about 18 mph, a range of about 12 miles, and can be fully recharged in less than two hours.

Although the ShareRoller is designed to fit the bikes being used in all of the major bike sharing programs in the US, Canada, and the UK, it can also fit personal bikes (or even scooters), so it might be a great way to get the advantages of an electric bike, without committing to a purpose-built e-bike.

The Kickstarter campaign hasn’t launched yet, but if you’re interested, check out the rest of the info on their fundraising page.

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