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Plant Seed Pills in an Interactive Mars Garden

For those of you who try to grow some of your own food, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to overcome challenges such as early or late frosts, a drought, or hungry wildlife. But we learn as we go and we try harder (or try different tactics), and we find that those challenges, while daunting, can be met successfully.

And much of that success can be chalked up to the fact that most of what we’re doing is enabling the plants that live in our world to do what they do best, in their natural environment.

Now imagine trying to garden on Mars, and what challenges you’d come up against in farming the red planet, with its cold temperatures, low gravity, and intensely strong solar radiation.

That’s what this Kickstarter project aims to discover and demonstrate with their interactive Mars Garden.

AstroGardening – Designing for Life on Mars begins with a few simple questions:

Have you ever looked into the night sky and wondered, “What would it be like to live on another planet?”, “Is there life on other worlds?”, “Would trees and plants grow on Mars?” We have!

If we as humans want to visit or even live on another world we will need food. And not just food shipped to us from Earth, but sustainable food that we can grow, live off and cultivate for future generations. We need gardens, and lots of them! Where is the best place to practice growing these gardens? Well right here on Earth…and you can help!

With its combination of a greenhouse-like structure and an “AstroGardening Rover” to automate some of the gardening chores, AstroGardening is designed to show what it would take to grow food on Mars, providing scientists or colonists with fresh produce. Among the demo pieces are “Seed Pills”, which are similar to seed bombs:

“Small pill-sized capsules (a ball made of clay, compost and seeds). Just drop where needed, or even throw at a distance. When the pill meets water the capsule melts and the seed is sown….and you have the beginning of your garden! These ‘seed pills’ are brilliant and can work anywhere…”

Learn more about this project, and help give it a kickstart at AstroGardening – Designing for Life on Mars.

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