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Personal Thermal Imaging Device Locates Energy Loss

Personal Thermal Imaging Device Locates Energy Loss

Image source: flir.com

While adding high-tech and high-efficiency appliances to your home is one way to reduce both energy costs and energy consumption, sometimes the most effective methods are those that enable you to make your current living situation more efficient, by tightening up the building envelope itself and cutting down on energy loss.

While caulking around windows and doors or other obvious holes in the home, adding insulation to the ceiling or floor, and adding an external storm door can be a great help in reducing energy loss, many times we aren’t aware of just exactly where the heat is being lost, aside from feeling the air flow with our hands. But thanks to recent advances in thermal imaging devices, we can now literally see the temperature differences, using our smartphone.

The FLIR ONE, which fits on the iPhone 5, allows home and business owners to easily identify the areas where heat is being lost, to see where insulation may be missing or ducts are leaking, and even to see which electrical circuits and connections are overloaded. The new device, which is said to cost under $350 when it is released this spring, also lets users locate wet areas or leaks in ceilings, walls, or floors, and repair them before major damage is incurred.

In addition to being of use in home audits, can also be used for security, to see in complete darkness or smoky or hazy conditions, or even for watching wildlife after dark.

“FLIR ONE™ is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on your phone screen and perform temperature calculations. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing you to use the FLIR ONE™ in a variety of practical and fun ways by revealing a thermal world not visible to the unaided eye.”

Find out more, or reserve yours now, at FLIR.

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