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Pear Energy Simplifies Switching to Clean Energy in the U.S.

For residents of the United States, switching to clean energy for household energy use doesn’t have to mean putting up a solar PV array or wind turbine.

Instead, users can simply choose Pear Energy to handle their energy needs, thereby supporting clean and renewable energy in the U.S..

When switching to Pear Energy, customers don’t need to get anything installed at their location, and their local utility continues to provide the electricity to the house, but Pear buys clean solar and wind power for them with their money.

Pear customers get a side-by-side comparison of energy costs on each month’s bill, showing what their current clean energy cost is and comparing it to what the cost would be for staying with current fossil-fueled electricity.

The costs aren’t much higher – about 2¢ more per kwh than current utility rates for the first 1,000 hours of electricity use, then only 1.5 cents more per kwh after that.

“We work with wind and solar farms across the country that generate clean, renewable electricity. We arrange for renewable energy to be pumped into the electric grid in amount exactly equal to your electric usage, ensuring that your electricity usage supports clean energy. Your utility still owns the lines and delivers the electricity to your house, but we work with wind and solar farms that produce the 100% clean and renewable energy that is pumped into the grid.” – Pear Energy

Pear works with small community-led solar and wind grid-tied energy projects throughout the U.S., including projects in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. They are also always looking to add other similar renewable energy projects to their portfolio, and the more customers they have, the bigger of an impact this initiative will have.

Find out more, and see if you qualify, at Pear Energy.

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