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Tablet vs Computer

There are many great arguments supporting the purchase of a tablet to cover all your computing needs. Likewise, one could be convinced that owning a PC is the be-all-and-end-all of technological devices.

Nonetheless, as a tech enthusiast and owner of multiple gadgets, I would like to go into further detail the importance of utilizing both.

First off, we will analyze the Pros and Cons of these machines.

Tablet Pros:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Touchscreen
  • Apps
  • Front & Rear camera
  • Multitasking machine
  • Fast
  • HDMI (most new tablets)
  • USB Hub

Tablet Cons:

  • Smaller screen
  • Limited computing ability
  • Easier to break (i.e. dropping, sitting on, etc)
  • Limited memory
  • Touchscreen keyboard can be difficult to master
  • Wireless ability sometimes lacking same quality as a PC

Computer Pros:

  • Strong performance ability
  • Large memory capacity
  • Big screen
  • Fast processor speeds
  • Superior graphics
  • Ability to connect to internet via Wi-Fi or LAN (cable)
  • Physical keyboard
  • DVD/CD Drive
  • HDMI
  • Multiple USB hubs
  • Downloadable software programs rather than skeletal and limited apps

Computer Cons:

  • Not very portable, bulky
  • Fragile if dropped
  • Susceptible to viruses
  • Most programs are not free
  • Requires downloading additional software after purchasing to maximize its potential
  • Expensive

As you can see, both devices have a lengthy list of Pros and Cons. The tablet is light whereas the computer is heavy. One of the great things about tablets is cloud storage (box.com, dropbox.com). This saves what precious internal memory your tablet has, and allows a virtually unlimited storage of music, movies, apps, etc.

Book and magazine reading on a tablet is also far superior to reading on a computer, and for many, more efficient than reading a physical book. The screen is smaller which mimics an actual novel,  and there are multiple settings for text size, screen brightness, etc. On top of that, a tablet is easier to carry and more comfortable to rest on your lap or armchair.

A 15-17 inch computer screen will always be ideal for gaming, and tablets have yet to compete with the processing speeds and graphics abilities of a PC, but there are many alternatives available for tablet gaming. The iPad Appstore and the Google Play Store are both expanding, and the variety of applications available increases daily. It is far easier to create an app than it is to write a software program, so we will soon see many clones of desktop programs available for tablets.

As someone with a busy schedule and multiple deadlines, I can say with confidence that I need both my computer and tablet to perform my duties with maximum efficiency. It helps to have options, and I keep mine open. In the end, it comes down to a matter of budget. Can you afford a $500-$700 computer and/or a $400-$500 tablet? With tech makers working hard to lower prices on their gadgets, it may be difficult to pass up the opportunity to purchase several of these devices and finally maximize your efficiency. Consider the aforementioned Pros and Cons, and then make an educational decision based off of your computing needs.

This year, your options are nearly endless, so choose wisely.

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