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OrbSys Shower Saves 90% of the Water, 80% of the Energy

OrbSys Shower Saves 90% of the Water, 80% of the EnergyConsidering how precious clean water is in our world, and the amount of energy it takes to clean it and heat it and deliver it to our homes, letting the water in our showers run right down the drain, most of it without even touching us, seems rather silly and wasteful.

But a new type of shower system could take our wasteful shower habit and turn it into a water and energy efficient method of getting clean, as it is said to save up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy, when compared to a standard shower stall.

The Orbital Shower Concept, or OrbSys, uses an integrated water filtering and recycling system that purifies the water running down the drain, recaptures its heat, and then returns it to the showerhead during the shower.

OrbSys Shower Saves 90% of the Water, 80% of the Energy

Image source: orbital-systems.com

According to the company’s website, the OrbSys shower not only effectively reduces the amount of water and energy used for a single shower by 80 to 90%, but it also increases the comfort level of those showers due to a temperature and water pressure stability feature.

For those who are a bit squeamish about using recycled drain water to clean their body, the OrbSys is said to be able to deliver that recycled water at a higher quality than when it comes from the tap, removing endotoxins (99.96%), DNA (99.5%), micron-sized particles (99.995%), and reducing cysts by at least 99.95%.

In addition to being kinder to the environment in terms of sustainable use of water, the OrbSys is also claimed to make a positive economic impact, saving over $1000 per person/year and delivering a payback on investment in less than two years.

For more info, check out OrbSys online.

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