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Switching To E-Books

Millions of books end up as fodder in landfills each year, ranging from torn-up classics, to collegiate textbooks.And while the number of discarded books continues to increase, a solution is available in the form of ebooks.

All it takes is a Kindle, Nook, tablet, or smartphone with a reading app to get started.

You can download entire libraries of books, usually at a fraction of the cost of a paperback or hardcover version. These ebooks can be read on multiple device platforms, and can even be shared with friends for a two-week period on Amazon, much like a library system.

Libraries also sometimes have ebook programs for tech-savvy patrons. You can borrow ebooks and return them using a computer. Take your book collection with you on trips, or read them during work breaks, etc. It’s simple, cost-effective, and ecologically conducive.

Of course, ebooks don’t have the same tactile sensation that gripping a physical book provides, but is it really all that important?

While physical books will likely never disappear, ebooks are certainly on the rise. And for those who fear that staring at a screen for long periods of time will damage your eyesight, many new ebook readers, such as the Amazon Paperwhite, actually have special screens that mimic the look and feel of paper.

In other words, they don’t strain your eyes and are quite pleasant to use. For many, ebook readers are actually more enjoyable than reading a paperback, which is blasphemous to some, but the way of the future for others. And the fact that ebooks usually download straight to your device in seconds doesn’t hurt their likability either. If you’re on vacation and really want to read that new James Patterson novel, simply visit the ebookstore on your device and download.

Ebooks help save trees, unclutter landfills, and promote eco-living. Many of them have energy-saving features, and are proven to last months on a single charge.

Consider purchasing one today from your local computer store, Amazon, or Best Buy.

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