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One Million Devices Traded In to eRecyclingCorps in One Month

eRecyclingCorps reported a record number of wireless trade-ins in May of 2013, accepting over 1 million devices for reuse and recycling.

In May, the company collected more than 37,000 devices per day (about one trade-in per second), representing over 450,000 pounds of ewaste that won’t get tossed into landfills.

In our modern culture, the urge to upgrade our mobile devices as quickly as we can has led to massive numbers of new phones being sold, but it’s also led to a huge number of older devices that could potentially add up to mountains of ewaste. Services such as eRecyclingCorps are helping to mitigate the effects of used mobile devices by rewarding their customers for trade-ins, and then by renewing the trade-in devices to sell to the global aftermarket, which has a demand for affordable working wireless devices.

“The success of our platform demonstrates that consumers are eager to unlock the value in their perceptually obsolete devices to obtain the latest technology at lower prices. Additionally, this milestone reflects that carriers understand the value of eRC’s model to offset rising device subsidy costs and enhance customer satisfaction, and are scaling our programs to improve their bottom line.” – David Edmondson, CEO of eRC

According to eRecycling, this May’s number of trade-ins is a 270% increase over last year’s figures, and their data shows a 300% increase in smartphone trade-ins when compared year-by-year.

Find out how you can use eRecycling to trade in your wireless device when you plan to upgrade.

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