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One Laptop Per Child Project

One Laptop Per Child

Image source: www.one.laptop.org

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project began several years ago, when a group of philanthropists in the tech world desired to make educating the world a priority through the use of technology.

Basically, the idea is that everyone should have access to educational tools through computers and the internet. Unfortunately for underdeveloped nations, computer technology is extremely expensive in comparison to traditional textbooks. And finding teachers qualified to help their students learn how to operate these new devices is a challenge in itself.

The OLPC project has been plagued by many obstacles through the years, including high costs, lack of interest, logistical snags in poverty-stricken nations, etc. Their first laptop was a $100 computer with a small screen, a skeletal operating system based on linux, and a crank-operated battery, for schools without consistent access to electricity.

The problem was that teachers and students alike had no idea what to do with the device. However, schools that were able to successfully learn how to use the computers were able to educate their students at a faster pace than schools without access to the technology. This encouraged the project to continue forward with more ambitious plans, a cheaper computer, and widespread access to the technology.

Enter the Android operating system, and the ability to make computer tablets on the cheap, and the formula for success had finally been cracked by the OLPC team. The final version of the tablet debuted at CES in January, and will begin distribution through Walmart and major online vendors shortly.

With its simple swipe interface, easy-app downloads for education and entertainment, the tablet version of their vision will potentially create a world where anyone who wants one can purchase their own computer tablet, and join the digital frontier.

Educating the world’s poor and underdeveloped has been a mission long in the running.

With better education and knowledge of simple things such as world events, languages, mathematics, science, and other subjects, the cure for everything from poverty to environmental problems can be learned by all.

One Laptop Per Child

Image source: www.one.laptop.org


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