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Our Lives Depend Upon It


Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

After years of polluting our oceans we now appreciate the many benefits they provide to humans. Essential nutrition, climate regulation, and oxygen generation are just some of the ways in which our lives are effected.

The oceans face a constant threat of pollution and the creatures that live beneath the waves of habitat loss. The sad part is these effects can last decades and some may be irreversable.

Oceans and coastlines provide shelter to 40 percent of the global population, help to support 350 million jobs and contribute more than $3 trillion to the world’s material wealth each year.

The Ocean Health Index is a new, comprehensive measure of the oceans’ overall condition that treats people and nature as integrated parts of a healthy system.

Ten public goals can help with the sustainability of our oceans. Those ten goals are:

1. food provision
2. artisanal fishing opportunities
3. natural products
4. carbon storage
5. coastal protection
6. coastal livelihoods and communities
7. tourism and recreation
8. sense of place
9. clean waters
10. biodiversity

Country scores are calculated by evaluating region-specific data for each of the components that comprise the 10 human goals of the Ocean Health Index. Countries are ranked according to their global scores, as well as their goal scores, and plotted geographically.

The Ocean Health Index will hopefully inspire good old fashioned competition along with providing a goal and information on where our oceans stand on stability and sustainability.

In order to make a serious change within our oceans, every country needs to come up with a suitable cultural plan.

This way businesses and individuals can do what they can to help improve our oceans.

Time is of the essence and we must act quickly to make a successful change in the health of our oceans and their ecosystems.

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