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Living With Wind Farms

Living with Wind Farms

Image source: www.davidruyet.blogspot.com

Innovative methods with which to generate energy are important in the fight against global climate change.

That is why it is important for authorities to ensure that when these methods are introduced into society, they are well received and thus seamlessly integrated into the communities they are meant to service.

Wind energy can be converted to mechanical energy using wind turbines, an alternative energy which lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Generating energy using wind turbines has not been without controversy, it has resulted in a number of lawsuits in some jurisdictions worldwide.

The objection to wind farms stems from the noise created by the wind turbines. They are said to make noises that generally constitute a nuisance, and make it impossible for people residing in close proximity to wind farms to get peaceful sleep. This grievance does nothing good for the promotion of alternative energy, the environmental benefits from having wind farms are clouded by the negative impact turbines have on the lifestyle of the affected communities.

To foster an attitude of acceptance amongst the different communities globally, the problems associated with wind turbines must be addressed without undue resistance.

The mere fact that there can be a lawsuit against entities fighting climate change is ironic because lawsuits are usually against environmental offenders. To avoid further problems of this kind, it is imperative that thorough research into the impact of methods used on the overall community is conducted before such methods are implemented on a large scale.

Government also needs to play its role as sponsor of alternative energy, so that taking corrective measures is not burdensome on companies generating alternative energy.

Purchasing wind turbines and setting up a wind farm is not cheap at all, so the solution cannot be as easy as shutting down and moving to a different location. However, with government resources, intervention and support a resolution satisfactory to all becomes possible.

Living with Wind Farms

Image source: www.pfr.co.uk

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