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Aronofsky’s “Noah” Is World’s First Environmentalist

Director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream, Pi) has stirred up quite a controversy with his new film about biblical character “Noah”.

In this big-screen adaptation, Russell Crowe plays Noah–the world’s first environmentalist. Check out the trailer below:

As you can see, this epic takes quite a few creative liberties, although to be fair, the Bible isn’t so descriptive on how this whole event played out. Regardless, Christians and other groups are riled up over Aronofsky’s decision to portray Noah in such a controversial way. You can read more about the issue on ScreenRant.

So what might be some pros and cons regarding Aronofsky taking this rather unusual route to cast a beloved biblical character? On the environmentalist element, it’s great that Noah loves the planet, and loves care-taking that which he has been blessed with. It’s a good lesson to all who watch the film–that the Earth is a precious gift to nurture and grow.

On the negative side, it’s a bit silly, considering that there was no reason for an environmental “movement” way back during the dawn of time. As such, critics will probably tune out the positive message, and chalk it up as just another hippie film in a hippie world.

Here’s hoping Aronofsky achieves the message he set out to send.

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