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Next-Generation Electric Superbike Launched

Next-Generation Electric Superbike Launched

Image source: www.mission-motorcycles.com/r

Electric vehicles aren’t just for urban errands and commuting.

Sometimes they’re also world-class road rockets delivering premium performance, such as these latest entries to the electric motorcycle market from Mission Motorcycles.

The flagship bike is the Mission RS, which is a street-legal version of a prototype bike built by Mission Motors that won the 2011 Laguna Seca FIM/TTXGP race. This model is said to be an “enhanced” version of that bike, including high-performance components, and is only available in a very limited quantity, after which buyers will have to be content with the Mission R, which is the production model.

Both bikes are powered by the company’s InfiniteDrive powertrain, which puts out over 160 hp and can propel the bike from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds.

“Devoid of pistons, crankshaft, clutch, and other mechanical parts rotating at thousands of rounds per minute, the Mission R creates a new dynamic in handling and control—what can only be described as a pure motorcycle experience. Without the inertial forces created by hundreds of heavy spinning engine parts, the Mission R drops into corners like no other motorcycle, while providing 120 ft/lbs of torque available from 0 RPM. The perfectly linear power delivery of the InfiniteDrive™ powertrain allows us to relegate the clutch and gearbox to the past.” – Mission Motorcycles

And not only are these motorcycles fast, but they’re also smart, as they integrate what Mission is calling the “world’s first internet-connected motorcycle information system”. The MissionOS will provide turn-by-turn GPS directions, live data feeds, an integrated camera, and supports a wireless heads-up display.

The Mission R is available in three different battery configurations, a 12 kWh, 15 kWh, or 17 kWh, which would offer a range of up to 140 miles per charge, and is priced starting at $32,499 USD. The limited edition RS comes with the 17 kWh battery, features components such as Öhlins FGRT forks and BST carbon fiber wheels, and is priced starting at $56,499. Both bikes are eligible for a $2500 Federal tax credit.

Reservations are now being taken for both the Mission R and RS, with delivery to take place beginning next summer.

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