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New Solar Technology Goes Beyond The Panel

Solar energy gadgets are all the rage, but a new solar product is in the house.

Or on the house, or the car – and possibly on fabrics, among other things.

One company based in France is setting the solar bar a bit higher. Sunpartner Group, an award winning, sustainably minded business is looking into a way to integrate solar power in everyday items and structures.

Their innovative brainchild called Wysips®, which stands for ‘what you see is photovoltaic surface’- is a solar technology in development that is certain to weave its way into future designs.

Extensive research on how the optic system and photovoltaic panels work and also how they can work when their features are combined, led to production of a thin, translucent material. Surfacing in 2011, Wysips can turn many surfaces into light collecting platforms.

New Solar Technology Goes Beyond The Panel

Image source: sunpartnergroup.com

New Solar Technology Goes Beyond The Panel

The optical device covers the photovoltaic strips, and the gathered light from the sun or from artificial means can then be used to produce energy.

Though still tweaking the power generating capabilities, there are plans to double current output availability within the next year by employing second generation photovoltaic supplies and natural semiconductor polymer compounds.

New Solar Technology Goes Beyond The Panel

Image source: sunpartnergroup.com/yield-and-transparency

Products for the sun powered polymers currently consist of the Wysips Crystal for mobiles that powers up gear via solar energy that is collected by an on board panel.

The collection also has designs in the works that include the structure and display based Wysips Cameleon, the Wysips Glass, which looks at how to draw energy from sun collecting window panels and the Wysips Textile, a fabric planned for prospective development that that has fibers woven into it capable of collecting and utilizing solar energy.

Vice President of the company’s Technology and Innovation sector, Jean-Luc Ledys, has to say about the models:

The market is demanding those new functionalities. Tomorrow’s world begins today; given its stockpile of on-board items, it will need clothing, luggage etc. capable of generating the energy used to power all of those nomad electronics!

Research on smart, natural energy designs and how to best apply them in daily life takes the resourcefulness and potential of solar to the next level.

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