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New Luxury Electric Car Prototype Launched

For the electric car enthusiast that also wants luxury and performance in their car, the release at the Geneva Auto Show of a prototype from Pariss Electric is exciting news.

After all, why should an electric car, which is already unique in other ways, look like just another sedan? Why not integrate the best of electric vehicle design, performance engineering, and luxury features, into a single distinctive model?

The Pariss 2013 Prototype is built on a lightweight tubular steel frame (total weight is 1650 lbs.) with a composite body, and is essentially all-wheel drive, with two electric motors, totaling 100 kW in output, sending power to the axles.

This sporty car goes from 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds, and has a range of about 125 miles per charge.

Charging the Pariss takes about five hours (on 220v), and a future version will include a “range extender” (a small gas engine generator for recharging while on the road) that may increase the range of the car up to over 430 miles.

“The race is on for electric cars and we wanted to create a car that was both extremely light and capable of thrilling its driver.

The car needed to have powerful electric engines with a highly-efficient battery that offered the comfort of a wide range of autonomy and could be recharged quickly.

It also needed to be set on a rigid chassis that would allow the driver and the machine to become one and for the driver to experience these thrills in a bespoke luxurious atmosphere. Its name is: Pariss.”

The sleek Targa-topped body, which is equipped with a double-wishbone suspension, includes exotic woods, leather, Kevlar, and Alcantara in the interior, and measures just 11.8 ft long. There’s no word yet on when it will be released to the general public, or what the cost might be.

Find out more at Pariss Electric.

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