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Neat and Green Technology

If you are into green gadgetry and products, then you know there are exciting advances on the horizon in the field of more responsible technology.

Buying items that are practical as well as earth smart are becoming easier as more options enter the retail arena. Below are a few developments to keep your eye on.

Solar is always a smart selection, especially when it comes to electronics. New things like solar keyboards, which run on solar power combined with a non-battery version of wireless capabilities, make using your computer more energy friendly. Also, for those whose daily trekking requires a backpack there are different varieties available which feature on board solar panels. These allow devices to get a free boost while in your bag – just add sunlight.

Even salt is being added to the wonders of sustainable inventions with the introduction of a clock that operates on salt and water. Additionally, recycled wood and bamboo are playing hosts as the material for a range of things. Multi-use headphones are being interestingly constructed from reclaimed, non-PVC comprised wood and natural bamboo is being used to make everything from portions of computer notebook parts to the covers we put our electronics in as well as bamboo bluetooth keyboards.

Featured in the 2012 Australian Clean Technologies Competition were several companies focused on contributing to cleaning up the technology arena with their energy efficient contributions.


Some of the presented works included a clever roof coating which automatically lowers the temperature inside, improving building cooling efficiency. Thus, saving anywhere from 30-50% of the energy typically used on air conditioning for a structure.


Additionally, a quieter rendition of a fan was constructed that lowers energy usage by up to 50%, drastically cutting down on the need for a constantly running air conditioner in a home or office space.

From housing to personal computing, these are just a few examples of the progressive ideas that can make it fun to be a tech savvy and responsible consumer. As more companies and customer demands catch on to the need for and useful aspects of resourceful gear and materials, more is sure to come.

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