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New Green Packaging is 100% Recyclable and Carbon-Positive

If we’re going to get a handle on dealing with the huge amounts of plastics and other materials that make up product and materials packaging, we need some greener alternatives, and one UK company believes they have one of the solutions.

The company, Polythene UK, is offering a bio-based product called Polyair, which they say is not only 100% recyclable, but is also “carbon positive”, and when included in films at just 60%, is capable of offsetting the CO2 emissions of the product, even after accounting for the energy consumed in shipping and manufacturing.

In fact, the company’s managing director, James Woollard, says that he considers it to be the “greenest material we know of”.

The Polyair film, made from sugar cane, could be used in place of traditional polythene products for films, wraps, bags, or covers, which would reduce the amount of waste usually generated from those.

According to the company, the product is carbon positive due to the natural photosynthesis in the plant as it grows (which takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen), and that for every 1 tonne of Polyair produced, 2.5 tonnes of CO2 has been captured.

Polythene UK also has an ultrathin version of their film, Polylite, which they say is 20% lighter and a great candidate for integrating with Polyair, in essence reducing the environmental impact of the packaging even further. You probably won’t see this on the shelves of your local store very soon, as currently the manufacturing and freight companies are the target market for these new green packaging alternatives, but variations on the product may eventually see commercial use in the future.

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