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New GE Wind Turbine Integrates Battery Storage

One of the challenges for wind farm operators and power producers is taking the fluctuating nature of the wind and turning into a smooth and predictable flow of electricity, and a new wind turbine that integrates short-term battery storage into the system aims to help overcome that challenge.

The new wind turbine package from GE, the 2.5-120, uses the company’s Durathon Battery technology, along with three software applications, as an “intelligent system” that can enable better decision-making and allow for more predictable short-term power production.

According to GE, this system is the “first wind turbine to incorporate short-term battery storage as part of the complete turbine package”, and will smooth out fluctuations in power supply from the turbine over periods as long as one hour.

“The 2.5-120 harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet to analyze tens of thousands of data points every second.

This helps manage wind variability and provides reliable, short-term predictable power, while communicating seamlessly with neighboring turbines, service technicians and operators.” – GE

One piece of the software used in the system, the Ramp Control App, is said to allow wind farm operators to capture and store wind power in the battery at times when the grid is not able to absorb the energy. Another program, the Frequency Regulation App, enables power producers to respond immediately to changes in the load in order to keep up with fluctuations in power demand and keep the grid balanced.

One of the largest independent wind power companies in the US, Invenergy, is installing three of the GE 2.5-120 wind turbines at their wind farm in Mills County, Texas, as part of a planned 86 turbine project at Goldthwaite Wind Energy facility.

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