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New EV Charger Drastically Cuts Charging Times

The launch of a new electric vehicle charging system from an Australian company might radically change the perception of electric cars.

The new Veefil charger, from Tritium, is said to be capable of effectively charging electric vehicle batteries extremely quickly – as much as 20 times faster than standard home outlet charging.

Up until recently, one of the drawbacks to electric vehicles has been the limited range and the time needed to recharge the batteries, and while this new charging system won’t necessarily extend the range of a vehicle, it could effectively increase the usability of the car by fast charging the batteries.

According to the Veefil website, 10 minutes of charging with the device will net the user 50km more of a range, without having to wait for hours.

The charger has a small physical footprint, perfect for fitting into a residential garage, and is claimed to have a simple and easy to use interface, which lowers the “techie” factor needed to own an electric car.

The Veefil is designed for both outdoor and indoor use, and the company behind it believes that the device could be a great asset at places such as hotels, car parks, airports, and shopping centers – anywhere that easy charging and quick turnaround times on charging are at a premium.

“With a small footprint and an attractive, slimline design the Veefil makes it easy for you to install your charger at the location of your choice – whether you choose to position your fast charger in a carpark, on your premises or in a public space.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, it is compact enough to fit in most locations and can be installed without the hassle of major building works.” – Veefil

According to Renew Economy, the device is said to be a game-changer:

“Reducing the charge time of an electric vehicle from eight hours to less than an hour is a game changer and will be a major boost for the electric car industry.” -Yvette D’Ath, parliamentary secretary for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation

Learn more at Veefil.

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