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New Electric Transport Device is Hands-Free

In the latest development in personal transportation, one company is betting on an auto-balancing hands-free electric scooter that responds to movement in the users feet.

The Hovertrax project is a wheeled platform with an auto-gyro for balancing and two electric motors for powering it, and is said to have a 5 mile range and a one hour charge time.

The prototype of the Hovertrax weighs just 9 pounds, which is light enough to carry with you in a bag, but is also said to be ruggedly built to stand up to the demands of personal transportation.

The two halves of the device can tilt independently of each other, and each wheel has its own motor, gyro sensor, and accelerometer.

According to the inventor, the Hovertrax is capable of handling up to 225 lb rider, can navigate a 15 degree incline, and has instinctive controls and “zero learning curve” for new riders.

While it may look a little sketchy at first glance, the Hovertrax is said to be safe:

“The Hovertrax has auto-balancing capabilities, meaning it will automatically catch the rider. Without any handlebars in the way, the rider can step off at any time.”

Hovertrax is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, with the intention of perfecting the prototype so that it can go into production.

[via Gizmag]

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