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New Domain Extension Lets You Go .Green

Once upon a time, internet address extensions let users know when they were at a commercial site (.com), or an organization’s site (.org), but like most things on the web, those domain extensions were quickly subverted to just about any use (.gov and .edu seem to be the only ones with significance anymore).

However, starting as early as next year, true sustainability advocates can opt to have a .green address to go with their green businesses, thanks to the efforts of DotGreen.

Although the internet domain landrush is still building (with companies looking to buy their own brand name as a domain extension), the movement to establish the .green domain took a step forward recently, with the .green application passing the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) evaluation process.

The domain name extension with the word “green” in it may seem obvious, but it’s also an acronym standing for Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities.

According to DotGreen,

“.green is a new Top-Level Domain available in 2013 as the primary online domain space for the environmental movement and green economy. Businesses, individuals, brands, governments, and Non-profits will represent the .green brand and forward the global shift toward environmental and humanitarian awareness online. This inclusive effort will be internationally recognized as a socially responsible brand delivering benefit for all. More than a Top-Level Domain, .green is designed around green, a unique and meaningful term already internationalized by its use in numerous languages and cultures around the world.”

Find out more about the .green extension at DotGreen.

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