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New Class of Solar Cell Hits Efficiency Record

A new type of solar cell, perovskite cells, from the tech startup Oxford PV, has just hit a new efficiency record of 15.4%, bringing them one step closer to a low-cost and efficient solution that can be integrated into glass building facades.

The latest iteration of the company’s flat junction perovskite solar cells is a “significant step forward” in the company’s work to scale up the technology and eventually commercialize it.

“Our plan was to continuously optimise our perovskite solar cells towards a goal of more than 20% efficiency but these results are ahead of expectations. I see no reason why we can’t aim higher now and accelerate the transfer of our technology into production.” – Dr. Henry Snaith, Oxford PV’s Founder

The primary objective of Oxford PV, a spin-out from Oxford University, is to deliver a “massively scalable product” for the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) market, which could help to offset the energy use of buildings through solar energy gain.

The Oxford PV process hints at delivering a low-cost, high-performance photovoltaic solution to the market, and because the technology combines a simple manufacturing process with inexpensive and abundant raw materials, it could be a game-changer for BIPV.

“We can make low cost solution processed thin film cells and there’s no loss due to electron transfer into the TiO2 which is a major loss in the dye cell.” – Snaith

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