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Nest Protect is the Smarter Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect is the Smarter Smoke Alarm

Image source: nest.com

We all know we’re supposed to have functioning smoke detectors in our homes, as it can be a huge help in keeping our families and belongings safe if a fire breaks out in our house.

But the sad truth of the matter is, many of us don’t know if our smoke alarms work, other than to annoy us when we burn the toast or to start chirping when it has a low battery (at which point we pull the battery out and hope that we remember to replace it). Most of the time we forget they’re there, and until we really need one, we may not see the usefulness in them.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a smoke alarm can save lives, but only if it’s properly installed and functioning correctly:

“More than one-third (38%) of all home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms, while one-quarter (24%) resulted from fires in homes in which smoke alarms were present but did not operate.”

A new, smarter, smoke and carbon monoxide detector is in the works, which can not only distinguish between a real fire and a false alarm, but can also alert you via your smartphone or tablet when it goes off, give an audible warning in a human voice, connect via WiFi with your Nest Thermostat, is self-monitoring (software, hardware, battery), and has an ultrasonic sensor to turn off false alarms with the wave of a hand.

“Before turning on a loud, howling alarm, Nest Protect gives you an early warning we call Heads-Up. Nest Protect lights up yellow and speaks with a human voice. It tells you where smoke is or when carbon monoxide levels are rising. This gives you an earlier warning if there’s an emergency, or allows you to silence Nest Protect if it’s just a nuisance alarm, like an overly enthusiastic toaster.” – Nest Protect

The Nest Protect comes in two variations, a battery-powered one and a wired one, and comes in black or white. The next generation smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector is available for pre-order from Nest for $129.

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