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Image source: www.execdigital.com

In the world of tech startups, many unique device and gadget developers vie for public notoriety and capital to expound upon their original idea.

Utilising websites such as Kickstarter or IndiGoGo, companies and individuals alike put their projects on display as they campaign to reach a monetary goal.

However, not all inventors build atop a previous technology made popular by film and pop culture icons.

Lex Kendall from Evolve Electric Motorcycles, and a personal fan of the Tron: Legacy movie, saw a market potential for one of the film’s futuristic vehicles.

Working in collaboration with Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, he now presents us with the Tron Legacy Light Cycle: an all-electric, 100mph motorcycle with a hundred mile-per-charge range. The motorcycle is street legal in the United States, and each unit is handcrafted by Parker Brothers. It’s a near-perfect version of the CGI original, minus the energy-trail that the movie’s cycle leaves in its wake. Once you’ve drained the battery, re-charging to full-capacity takes only 30 minutes.

To purchase one of these radical motorcycles, you’ll be shelling out a cool $55,000. And for an extra $1,300, you can buy from UD Replicas a lifelike leather suit the character Rinzler wears in the film, complete with an identity disc on the back and a cool helmet. Unfortunately, the disc is immovable, meaning you won’t be fighting digital enemies anytime soon.

Once you’re over the initial sticker shock, you can begin enjoying the popularity that goes hand-in-hand with owning a machine of this renown. Perhaps you’ll take it to the next Comic-Con, or cruise around town at night, to take full advantage of the LED lights installed on it. In whatever manner you utilise this bike, and wherever you take it, you’re likely to find envious gawkers at every corner.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Evolve Electric starts mass-production of the Light Cycle, allowing us all to experience the future.

Source: Exec Digital

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