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Mogees Lets You Be The Musical Artist

If you love music but don’t play an instrument, Mogees have it covered.

Bruno Zamborlin, a researcher in musical technology, has developed a device that lets people be musical within their own perimeters.

A Kickstarter project soon to come to life, the Mogees system is powered up when plugged into a smartphone’s headphone jack and can be used with iOS or Android apps. The unit, which sort of resembles a bottlecap design, can be placed on any surface.

Mogees Lets You Be The Musical Artist

Image source: Mogees on kickstarter.com

Users open up the app, and the internal sensor picks up on the vibrations that are made when responding to any ordinary object by hitting, tapping or other gesturing movements. The equipment works by engaging a microphone, circuitry board and user interaction.

Physical objects can be “played” and the Mogees synthesis parameters personalize the acoustic sounds. Different vibrations are made due to an object’s composition and size. The pulsations that occur are then turned into sounds by a system which brings out their acoustics and musical assets.

Mogees Lets You Be The Musical Artist

Image source: Mogees on kickstarter.com

Mogees can regulate the sound output and even comes with different modes. Music can be improv style or it provides preset selections that can be altered. By using everyday objects, even the body, there is no limit to the interaction possibilities and fun with found sounds.

Also on the agenda is a Junior Mogees. The concept is for preschool children and will feature preset options that include age appropriate educational games, songs and nursery rhymes.

In addition to free mode and preset sounds, the device and app combo also has a range of other options, including song mode, which lets a favorite song be reinvented.

Players can also make their own sounds and capture them in a preset. It even has a remote mode that enables music to synch to a remote computer. For even further versatility, the DMX control, along with a compatible light and WiFi connection, allows remote lighting control, too.

With the motto of Play the world! – Mogees seems to be a fun way of musical expression and interaction for all ages.

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