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Losing the Car Keys is Not Smart

Have you ever lost your car keys at an extremely bad time?

Don’t despair because the age of lost car keys could finally be coming to a close.

Car manufacturer Hyundai believes that the next generation of automobiles should move away from keyed entry systems and towards an all-in-one solution: your mobile phone.

Almost all current and planned smartphones have what’s called Near Field Communication (NFC) chips built into them, which can be used for everything from swiping a card reader to pay for lunch, to sharing music playlists and pictures from phone-to-phone by touch.

In essence, Hyundai is creating a test version of this future keyless-entry platform, where you can use your smartphone to unlock the car and start the engine simply by touching your phone to NFC hotspots.

You can create a profile for your car to store radio channel presets, heat/air conditioning settings, etc. The car will truly become a personalized extension of yourself in ways currently undreamt of.

Today, losing your car key can cost as much as a monthly car payment, especially if it’s a “smart key”. Broken plastic from damaged key fobs clutters our landfill each year and lost keys can be found and used to break into your car.

This elegant solution from Hyundai is a welcome refresher for many of us, and will limit the amount of wasted metals spent each year on making car keys for the hundreds of thousands of new automobiles on the streets.

It’ll be a little while before Hyundai implements this technology on all of their automobiles, and it will be even longer before other manufacturers pick up on this type of system with their own cars.

For now, the NFC lock-system represents an ecological, practical, and necessary solution for the evolution of the car industry.

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