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Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

Image source: www.mia-electric.com

In the electric vehicle market, there’s a lot being done in the luxury and sports car niches (think Tesla), and there are some electric entries in the traditional sedan or city-car models (Ford Focus and Fusion, Nissan Leaf, etc.), but for something completely different, there’s a new contender for the urban car market.

Mia Electric is building an electric vehicle that’s been designed from the bottom up to be a great urban transport, starting from a blank slate. According to Mia, they tried to answer the question of what people really needed for urban mobility, and looking at their resulting designs, it would appear that they’ve managed to capture that.

Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

“Opting for a simple, light, clear style, the mia resists the tide of “more is better” and turns its back on automotive design codes based on appearance, power and performance. No tricks, just a stylish city car. Its design is the natural expression of what mia is: a generous car with a spacious interior, an ingenious car with its electric powerhouse, a very compact car with sliding doors and the driver placed front and centre.

The mia is conceived to simplify urban and suburban driving. It is a common-sense car, with a range of innovative solutions to make daily life easier. Ultra-compact, silent, economical, zero-emissions, and with a range of up to 125 km, the mia is ideal for taking your children to school each day, going to work, doing the shopping or heading off for a week-end drive.” – Mia

The company’s three-seaters, previously only available in France, will be available in the UK this summer, at an estimated price of £16,995 ($26,675 US). One reviewer claimed that the vehicle is unrefined and too expensive, and that it may make more sense to spend a bit more for a Leaf or other electric car, but even so, they may make sense for fleet use or for those who can only afford a more basic electric car.

According to Mia, their vehicles are 95% recyclable (the battery is 90%):

“The vehicle design is also based around the choice of ‘clean’ materials (100% recyclable ABS, biodegradable screen wash, etc.). Dual-component materials pose more recycling difficulties and have therefore been avoided where possible.

Apart from the battery, which will be recycled separately, the remainder of the vehicle can be demolished and recycled in the normal automobile recycling system.”

Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

Image source: www.mia-electric.com

One other selling point for the Mia models is their ability to be customized, at least in terms of the appearance. Buyers can choose the body color, the interior colors, the seat colors, and the wheel colors, as well as choose from some optional features, to get a car that’s truly unique to them.

Find out more at Mia Electric.

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