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Meet the Soccer Ball that Charges Batteries

In places in the world where electricity is scarce and precious commodity, this innovative soccer ball may provide lights and battery charging at the end of the day.

The sOccket is an energy-harvesting ball that is not just portable and easy to use, but it’s fun as well. Kicking the ball around provides impact energy, which can be stored for future use.

The current iteration of the sOccket uses an inductive coil mechanism to capture the energy, and with just 15 minutes of play, it can provide three hours of LED lighting (which is significant in places where lights and the energy to power them are often missing).

The sOccket concept grew out of a group in an engineering sciences class at Harvard University, when the inventors of the device, Jessica Matthews, Jessica Lin, Hemali Thakkar, and Julia Silverman, saw that the popularity of soccer might be the key to providing a fun and portable power source.

The team is currently working on sOccket 3.0, and to donate or for more info, see sOccket.

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