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Measure Actual Electric Costs with MeterPlug

Measure Actual Electric Costs with MeterPlug

Image source: MeterPlug.com

Reducing our electricity use can help us live a little greener, by decreasing our overall energy consumption, and it can also help us to save money on our bills. But how do you know what’s using the most electricity and costing the most money?

It’s one thing to know what the appliance sticker says, as far as how much electricity it uses, and another thing entirely to know exactly how much money it will cost you every month. But a useful little gadget can help make that information a lot more transparent, by telling you exactly how much juice each appliance is using, as well as the actual cost for that electricity.

The MeterPlug, which had a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, is one of those gadgets that’s kind of a no-brainer, as it’s simple to use and operate, and can be moved from outlet to outlet to help you get a handle on electrical demand in your house.

“MeterPlug plugs in between any appliance and the AC outlet. It measures your consumption and sends that information over Bluetooth to your smart phone, where the app displays your real costs.” – MeterPlug

The device, when paired with a smartphone, can also be used to switch appliances on or off remotely, and alerts or auto-off settings can let you know when the cost for running a specific device goes over a pre-selected amount. The app downloads the actual costs of electricity for your region, based on surveys and average cost databases, or can be entered manually for a more accurate measurement.

meterplugappThe MeterPlug can also be programmed to turn off the power automatically to an appliance that goes on standby, so it isn’t responsible for consuming “vampire power”. The device also features a proximity control option, so that appliances can be turned off automatically when you walk away from it, and then turns it back on when you get back.

MeterPlugs will be shipped in the spring of 2014, and can be preordered through the Indiegogo page for about $50 USD each.

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