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Manhole Covers Will Soon Charge Your Car

New York, the city where literally everything cool, fascinating, and/or groundbreaking happens (Hollywood told me, so it must be true), has gone ahead and stepped up their reputation as innovators by installing new eco-friendly technology for electric vehicles.


Image source: www.gajitz.com

The innovation in question is high-tech manhole covers that wirelessly charge your car while it sits parked above them. The pilot program for this technology is slated to begin in New York next year. Depending on its success and dependability, it could see a major rollout, possibly even nationwide.


Image source: www.caranddriver.com

HEVO, a New York city startup company, came up with the idea and is working in cooperation with New York University to install the manhole covers around Washington Square Park. The covers don’t use pre-existing manhole covers, so these plates will have to be embedded into the cement.


Image source: www.gizmag.com

“The durable, embedded hardware unit will be deployed as a sustainable infrastructure device in city streets, parking lots and garages, motor pools, highways, and other highly trafficked areas”, reads the company website.

The HEVO covers still take an average of 8 – 12 hours to fully charge a vehicle, but placed in rows along a street, parking lot, stop signs, etc, a car could virtually never run out of battery juice. HEVO is already working with PepsoCo to potentially create chargers for their fleet of electric delivery trucks.


Image source: www.eere.energy.gov

At every stop on their route, the trucks could refill their charge and continue on their way, without the need to divert from their path to find a charging station. Highways could potentially have a similar kind of technology to keep your car running.

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