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Machine Extracts Purified Water from Sweaty Clothes

Machine Extracts Purified Water from Sweaty Clothes

Image source: deportivo.se/en

In a modern city, where clean water is available at the turn of a tap, the idea of extracting the sweat from your funky gym clothes in order to purify it into drinking water may seem like a huge stretch. But in some areas of the world, an idea like this might make a whole lot of sense.

With the aim of raising awareness of the world’s water crisis, and the lack of clean water in many parts of the globe, the advertising agency Deportivo, along with engineer Andreas Hammar, have built a “sweat machine” that can safely and efficiently recycle sweat into drinking water.

The Sweat Machine was built using mostly off-the-shelf components, with the exception of a filter developed by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and uses a clothes dryer component to spin out the sweat, which is then heated, exposed to UV light, and then filtered.

According to Discovery, it takes a full load of sweaty clothes in order to produce a pint of distilled water, so it isn’t a practical device for most applications, but it does go a long way toward showing that resources are available in places we wouldn’t normally look for them – such as the dirty clothes hamper.

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